who we are

Movement Mentor   |  Cornelia Hulsman founded movegood to serve as a platform from which she can help people recover better following an injury or surgery, regain day-to-day pain-free functionality or improve sporting performance. 

Cornelia’s exceptional track record is proof that her integrated approach, which draws on tried and tested techniques from various movement disciplines, gets the best possible results for her clients. She holds a BA degree in Human Movement Sciences and is a BASI Pilates CTTC Certified as well as a qualified Facia Fitness Instructor. Having trained and worked under top professionals she continues to keep in sync with global advancements in movement sciences.

More than this, from a young age she has been an avid sportswoman, a gymnast, horse riding show jumper and cyclist, but her active lifestyle was challenged following the birth of her twin boys. The toll taken on her body forced her use her knowledge and further deepen it in order to regain the pain-free active lifestyle she loved. And she did, which is why she doesn’t only mentor others based on theory, but knows first hand what works and what doesn’t through her own recovery journey.

Her passion is to see people move better and live better, and she is serious about what she does and works with care and precision to help her clients achieve and maintain their movement goals. 


Lyno Practitioner  |  Andria Pretorius discovered Lyno Method Fascia Release after searching for a way to assess her clients and to pinpoint where a weakness or restriction is causing movement faults and injuries. Lyno filled that gap!

Andria is also a qualified Pilates instructor and movement coach with more than 20 years’ experience.enjoys working with people from all walks of life, who are serious about understanding their bodies and improving their performance and quality of life.

The Lyno Method is a complementary health modality that identifies and removes fascia restrictions in order to restore full function, resulting in injury-free and optimum movement.We look at our clients as a whole where all parts of the body and mind function interdependently. A restriction in one area has a ripple effect and reduces the function of the whole. Longstanding injuries and lack of performance is due to limited movement patterns caused by fascia restrictions. We find the restrictions, remove them, restore function and movement, defuse the injury patterns and lead our clients to optimal performance. Lyno helps by:


Physiotherapist   |  Claire Loubser has a passion for rehabilitation, especially exercise therapy to decrease pain. Claire has completed the Myofascial Activated Posture Trainer course as well as Pilates Basic Mat Work. She incorporates both these skills into her treatment approach with her patients.