Cornelia Hulsman opened the movegood studio to help people move better to live better – whether it’s recovery from an injury or operation, loss of functionality due to age, habits or work, or improving sporting performance.

movegood utilises Pilates, Lyno Method and Fascia Fitness techniques to achieve incredible results.

Who we are

Cornelia Hulsman

Cornelia’s exceptional track record is proof that her integrated approach, which draws on tried and tested techniques from various movement disciplines, gets the best possible results for her clients.

She holds a BA degree in Human Movement Sciences and is a BASI Pilates CTTC Certified, qualified Lyno Method Practitioner, as well as a Facia Fitness Instructor.

More than this, from a young age Cornelia has been an avid sportswoman, a gymnast, horse riding show jumper and cyclist, but her active lifestyle was challenged following the birth of her twin boys. The toll taken on her body forced her use and deepen her own knowledge in order to regain the pain-free active lifestyle she loved. And she did, which is why she doesn’t only mentor others based on theory, but knows first hand what works and what doesn’t.

Cornelia is serious about what she does – working with care and precision to help her clients achieve and maintain their goals. 

Movegood pilates Minette van As

Minette van As

Minette was first introduced to Pilates during high school and loved it. She become more serious about it after school while struggling with a neurological condition that significantly impacted her physical abilities and overall quality of life.

Pilates became an integral part of her rehabilitation process, offering not only physical benefits but also enhancing her body awareness and mental health. Dealing with her rehab team made her realize how much such specialisation can change lives. It got her thinking about how she could do the same for others.

With her love for helping people, becoming a BASI qualified Pilates instructor was like finding her passion all over again. She finds aiding people in their pursuit of a better quality of life and their journey toward self-improvement incredibly fulfilling.

Client Testimonials

Cornelia, I’d like to thank you for all you’ve done for me in improving my body’s physical ability to move. From the first house call, because I didn’t want my friends to see me doing pilates, to today it is unbelievable how much better I feel and how my balance has improved.

You have an amazing ability to read my body and to know exactly where to work and the skills to implement an effective program for me.

Men and women who don’t do pilates are missing out on a fantastic opportunity to improve their overall well being.

I am very happy with what I’ve achieved under your guidance.”
“Almost a year ago I sustained an injury to my right foot due to incorrect postures while exercising. My GP referred me to a podiatrist who sent me for scans and the works, in the meantime I was unable to exercise and therefore gained a lot of weight and down went my self-confidence. I came across movegood while on Pont de Val‘s Instagram page and decided to try it out.
If there was ever a trainer who makes sure her clients perform each exercise and manoeuvre correctly, so as not to sustain injury, is Cornelia. Working out with Cornelia is a highlight of my week. She is enthusiastic, motivating, and very knowledgeable about the muscular make-up of the human body. From my first session she knew exactly what was wrong with my foot and what exercises I needed to do to get me back on track. I can go to her having pain on my shoulder and she will know how to treat it.
Cornelia is completely in tune with my goals, and pushes me to meet them. She is very creative in progressing sessions, making them fun and challenging at the same time. And no two sessions are ever the same – I love how she adapts each session according to what I’m experiencing with my body on the day, meanwhile, she can carry on a thoughtful conversation and count at the same time! I am not where I would like to be but my foot pain has subsided significantly and I am sold that with movegood I will reach my health goals.”
“Cornelia is the most amazing pilates instructor. She has knowledge of the functional movement as well as the neurological impact on movement which she specifically applied for my disability after my brain surgery. Within 10 months, 2 hours per week,  I was able to extend my right arm all the way up as well as my elbow was more flexible. The fine motoric skills in my right hand improved considerably to the point where I could start writing again. My core and legs strengthened to the point where I could keep my balance, and stand up from the mat or chair without assistance.
Her lessons were consistently challenging and well considered and she motivated me to persevere when I was physically challenged. Cornelia is extremely dedicated and passionate about her work. I am forever thankful for meeting her and attending her classes.“
“I have been participating in movegood sessions with Cornelia Hulsman for almost a year now, I was thrilled to hear of her classes which are located close-by at the gorgeous Pont de Val wine estate. I was diagnosed with a degenerative toe problem in 2019 and with my adaptive change in walking and performing daily tasks I realised that it was starting to impact my whole body – knees/hips and back, I was desperate to take action before it was too late and signed up for Cornelia’s assessment class, I was totally blown away by her innate and almost 6th sense knowing of EXACTLY where my problem areas were! Her supreme knowledge of her practice as well as her positive attitude, patience and encouragement made it very easy for me to sign up there then!
Cornelia combines her unique pilates and myofacia techniques to relieve pain and tension but most importantly to build and repair the facia which, she has taught me, is the most important ‘muscle’ in the body. Once you understand this, you know that this is a lifelong commitment to overall physical and mental wellbeing. Through her practices  I have noticed significant improved flexibility in my toe along with improved pain and overall movement. We are also in the process of healing an injured periformis muscle due to the previous restricted movement in my toe and I am noticing ongoing healing and relief in that area as well as general ease of tension in the entire body.
The movegood studio is very well appointed with plenty of space, calming lavender views and state of the art pilates equipment, Cornelia also introduces various facia equipment which I found really beneficial and have subsequently purchased for my own home use. …I have not looked back, each time I walk in to her peaceful space I know I am in good hands and I know that I chose the right person to assist me on my journey of healing. From the fist roll down she creates a unique sequence to alleviate all the tight spots ensuring that her classes are never predictive, repetitive or boring….. she always assess carefully and takes action gently  pushing and nudging me to just push a little further each time! I leave feeling a little looser, rejuvenated and full of energy – ready to face the week!”
“From daily spasms and muscle relaxers, to free movement and comfort with the fascia pilates that Cornelia taught me. Her online sessions with me (twice a week) are focused on problem areas, but not lacking the balance to exercise the rest of the body. I feel like a healthy person again, thanks to Cornelia identifying problem areas and sharing tips on how to maintain my body between sessions.”
“I’m super happy that I found movegood!!! Cornelia is helping me to understand my body much better and how everything works together. The exercises are very well worked out and intentional. I’m especially grateful for the improvement in my running experience. I had a few injuries before that caused discomfort but now I’m feeling great and it inspired me to do more races again. At the moment I’m training for the UTCT 65km ultra trail in November and the movegood sessions are a key component in my race preparation.”
“Until three months ago, I used to wake up every morning with dull aching hips that would continue throughout the day. After a year of regular visits to the chiropractor, I had more or less resigned myself to the fact that this would be my life going forward, and that taking pain medication every night before bed would be my reality.

Two of my friends recommended that I attend movegood classes with Cornelia Hulsman. They raved about her professionalism and the results they had achieved since joining her classes.

I decided to give Cornelia’s classes a chance and have been amazed at the outcomes: I no longer have aching hips, I have an overall feeling of wellbeing, and my flexibility has improved. Most importantly, I no longer need to take my pain medication. All this in just three months.

Cornelia, thank you for your support, encouragement, and pushing me even when I don’t feel that I can do it! I am very grateful.”
“A year ago, I fell and injured my hip and back, and struggled through many different treatments to get to a point where I have no pain, but nothing worked.  A few months ago, I have been introduced to the healing power of Lino exercises. It has been a transformative journey for me. With Cornelia’s guidance and care, my hip and lower back pain have become a thing of the past. The amazing aspect of these exercises is that I can continue with simple exercises at home to keep strengthening the muscles, and it helped me regain mobility and strength. Forever grateful for Cornelia’s care and the power of Lino’s exercises.”